The Ottawa Way | Winter 2022

by | Feb 3, 2022 | County News

Introducing Ottawa County’s first newsletter! In it you will find stories about people, programs and places affirming that you made a great choice to live in Ottawa County. As the seventh-most populous county in Michigan and consistently one of the fastest growing in the state, Ottawa County is truly ‘Where You Belong.’

New to West Michigan? Perhaps you were attracted to the area’s spectacular Lake Michigan coastline, where nature is cherished and protected. Maybe it was the friendly people of Ottawa County who are working hard to succeed in charming downtown small businesses, at manufacturing hubs with global impact, or on acres passed down from generations that brought you here. Perchance you saw that in Ottawa County, we embrace innovation and never wait for someone to solve our problems for us. We’ve coined this lifestyle ‘The Ottawa Way.’

Newcomers and natives alike can be confident that the Ottawa County public services you receive are high-quality and cost-effective. Ottawa County’s property tax levy is not only lower than neighboring counties, but it is the sixth lowest in Michigan. We care about people and take our jobs serving you very seriously. Whether you find yourself navigating the halls of our office buildings or muscling through unfamiliar government processes, you can rest assured that we are here to help!

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