Get to Know Your Parks

The Get to Know your Parks series aims to introduce people to the natural & cultural history of each park as well as how any past, current and future projects are actively enhancing both its natural and recreational value. They include a hike to different notable features in each park. These programs are geared for adults and older children.
October 8 at Hemlock Crossing 7-9 pm Astronomy Open House You are invited to attend an Astronomy Open House. Rotate through stations to build a planisphere, explore tools used by astronomers, and walk a solar system model.

Dark Sky Initiative

The long summer days begin to wane as we inch toward the Autumn Equinox. Sunsets happen sooner and the night sky is upon us early in the evening. This may be sad for some, but there are magical moments in September and October when the air is warm, the sky is clear, and the urge to find a nearby place to watch the stars grows stronger.

Protecting Pollinators – The Monarch

Each fall, as the days shorten and the temperatures decrease, monarchs begin their migration southbound for Mexico. These beloved butterflies are widely recognized for their vibrant orange wings and white spots; however, they provide an invaluable service far beyond their beauty: pollination. Unfortunately, monarch populations, along with many other native pollinators, are stressed and have been facing decline due to habitat loss, pesticide use, and a changing climate.

CraneFest Bus Trip

CraneFest Bus Trip on Sunday, October 9  Meet at 12 pm at Hemlock Crossing (return 10 pm)   $75/person OR $125/couple  PRE-REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED to secure a seat on the bus OTTAWA COUNTY, MI — This fall experience something new with Ottawa County Parks! Each evening in early October thousands of Sandhill Cranes descend upon Big Marsh Lake near Bellevue, Michigan as they gather for their southward migration. CraneFest is a celebration of this spectacle.