Poison Hemlock

What is poison hemlock? Poison hemlock is an invasive flower that was planted in gardens and is now spreading across Michigan. It lives only two years (biennial), but each plant can produce up to 38,000 seeds. Is it dangerous? Poison hemlock can be lethal if handled improperly.
Celebrate the American Hiking Society’s #NationalTrailsDay with Ottawa County Parks & Recreation Millions of people have found physical, mental, and emotional restoration on trails and in quality green space during the pandemic. Let’s return the favor as a community! Help care for our magnificent trails and advocate for equitable inclusion outdoors by: 1.
Article written by: Nealy Molhoek, Stewardship Supervisor As hints of spring begin to appear all around us, many of us take the opportunity to spend more time outdoors, either in our own backyards, or in the parks that we’re so lucky to be surrounded with in Ottawa County. However, not all signs of spring are positive. Many prolific invasive plants actually start to grow new foliage before their native counterparts.
Spring is approaching!  While preparing for upcoming spring projects, I’ve been thinking about the impact of our volunteers.  We have amazing volunteers!  People who generously give of their time and talents in so many different ways.  People who are dedicated to preserving and restoring natural areas.  People who support and advocate for both our social and biological communities.
Join us for a BioBlitz at Ottawa Sands on May 13, 2022! This event will bring local scientists and conservation organizations together to work with community members to build an awareness of the biodiversity at Ottawa Sands while collecting monitoring data. Last year we hosted our first-ever BioBlitz event at Riverside Park. Beginning before the crack of dawn, scientists and the public scoured the park to document as many species as possible in one day.