Get Beach Ready Beach season is almost here! Below is the most up-to-date information related to our lakeshore parks. We’ll continue to update this page as the season progresses. Please be aware that even with the high water levels in decline, we continue to see dune erosion at our Lake Michigan beaches. Please stay off of the dunes and refrain from digging into the side of the dune as it may collapse.
Join us for a BioBlitz at Ottawa Sands on May 13, 2022! This event will bring local scientists and conservation organizations together to work with community members to build an awareness of the biodiversity at Ottawa Sands while collecting monitoring data. Last year we hosted our first-ever BioBlitz event at Riverside Park. Beginning before the crack of dawn, scientists and the public scoured the park to document as many species as possible in one day.
Featured Volunteer Workday: Grand Haven High School at Ottawa Sands Last month, on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, parks staff hosted a volunteer workday for a group of students from Grand Haven High School at Ottawa Sands.  This workday was part of GHHS’s ‘Day On Challenge’, where students were encouraged to spend the day volunteering in the community.  Stewardship Supervisor, Nealy Molhoek led the students, along with several other volunteers, in removing woody invasive species.
Ottawa Sands Master Plan Updates Lake Michigan Greenway + Grand River Greenway Landmark Gift “The Bill and Bea Idema Foundation has been a great supporter of connecting people with the natural world throughout West Michigan, including major support for the Idema Explorers Trail,” said Bobbi Jones Sabine, Ottawa County Parks Foundation President.
Pollution Solutions is a program designed by the Macatawa Area Coordinating Council to inspire action through access to quality science.  A virtual series focused on plastic pollution and the Great Lakes will be offered free to the public in 2022. Each session will include a guest speaker.  Part 1 will discuss the history of plastic in our Great Lakes, ecological science, and Great Lakes activism in our region through the 1970’s.