Park Closure Information Please note that North Ottawa Dunes & Ottawa Sands will be CLOSED for an annual wildlife management hunt on Friday, November 18 through Monday, November 21, 2022. Access is by permission only; those in the parks without permission will be ticketed. The parks will re-open Tuesday, November 22. Hunters are chosen each year by lottery – learn more here. Hunting lotteries open in August and hunters are chosen in October.

Dark Sky Initiative

The long summer days begin to wane as we inch toward the Autumn Equinox. Sunsets happen sooner and the night sky is upon us early in the evening. This may be sad for some, but there are magical moments in September and October when the air is warm, the sky is clear, and the urge to find a nearby place to watch the stars grows stronger.

Protecting Pollinators – The Monarch

Each fall, as the days shorten and the temperatures decrease, monarchs begin their migration southbound for Mexico. These beloved butterflies are widely recognized for their vibrant orange wings and white spots; however, they provide an invaluable service far beyond their beauty: pollination. Unfortunately, monarch populations, along with many other native pollinators, are stressed and have been facing decline due to habitat loss, pesticide use, and a changing climate.

Hunting in Ottawa County Parks

To apply for hunting permits online, please visit: Hunting is an important part of managing natural lands and parks in Ottawa County. Biodiversity is dependent on a delicate balance of predator and prey populations. In Michigan, this balance has been altered by a significant loss of predators, like wolves. As a result, some prey populations, such as deer, do not have the natural checks and balances needed to prevent overpopulation.


What is a tick? Ticks are parasitic arachnids that attach themselves to a host and have the ability to transmit diseases. They are external parasites and survive by feeding on the blood of other animals. They have oval-like bodies and four pairs of legs. Are they dangerous? Not all ticks are dangerous, but you should remain cautious and vigilant in removing them from your body because they have the potential to carry diseases.