What is a tick? Ticks are parasitic arachnids that attach themselves to a host and have the ability to transmit diseases. They are external parasites and survive by feeding on the blood of other animals. They have oval-like bodies and four pairs of legs. Are they dangerous? Not all ticks are dangerous, but you should remain cautious and vigilant in removing them from your body because they have the potential to carry diseases.
Summer is the season of outdoor barbecues, the sound of children splashing in inflatable pools, and the smell of a freshly-mowed yard. Nothing is quite as ubiquitous as the American lawn – a vast, well-manicured plane of Bermuda or Kentucky bluegrass adorns the front of nearly every house in every subdivision of every city in the country.
Join us for a BioBlitz at Ottawa Sands on May 13, 2022! This event will bring local scientists and conservation organizations together to work with community members to build an awareness of the biodiversity at Ottawa Sands while collecting monitoring data. Last year we hosted our first-ever BioBlitz event at Riverside Park. Beginning before the crack of dawn, scientists and the public scoured the park to document as many species as possible in one day.
A Transformed Landscape Introduction The land that is now Upper Macatawa Natural Area has seen tremendous change in the last 200 years. Virgin forest was felled to provide lumber for construction of homes and businesses for the growing immigrant population. Then, for over 100 years, agriculture dominated the river valley, utilizing the flat, rich soils to grow corn and other row crops.
Ottawa Sands Master Plan Updates Lake Michigan Greenway + Grand River Greenway Landmark Gift “The Bill and Bea Idema Foundation has been a great supporter of connecting people with the natural world throughout West Michigan, including major support for the Idema Explorers Trail,” said Bobbi Jones Sabine, Ottawa County Parks Foundation President.