Park Closure Information Please note that North Ottawa Dunes & Ottawa Sands will be CLOSED for an annual wildlife management hunt on Friday, November 19 through Monday, November 22, 2021. Access is by permission only; those in the parks without permission will be ticketed. The parks will re-open Tuesday, November 23. Hunters are chosen each year by lottery – learn more here. Hunting lotteries open in August and hunters are chosen in October.
snowy owl

Safe and Respecful Snowy Owl Viewing

Observing a Snowy owl in the wild is a truly thrilling experience, but we must remember to keep our excitement in check and use caution when viewing and photographing this animal. As human stewards of these majestic owls, we are responsible to respect them by putting their needs ahead of our own desires to see them or photograph them up close.

Riverside Restoration Update

September 2020 – Update Culverts to Improve Access & Connectivity The addition of two new culverts to improve fish habitat and user access is underway (learn more about why this work is important below). This work was funded by the DNR’s Aquatic Habitat Grant program and matched by funds from our millage. Hundreds of feet of shoreline have been armored, but the work paused due to COVID. It will continue after the culvert construction.

Backyard Birding

Birder and Parks Naturalist with Ottawa County Parks, Curtis Dykstra, shares his feeder setup at home with videos on how to improve your yards for birds and other videos just to enjoy the birds at his backyard feeders.  Many of these videos were created during the COVID-19 quarantine in an effort to share some of the feeders at his home with you! You can find more of our online nature programs by clicking here.


Meadow habitats are teeming with life! They aren’t just where you find grasses, but wildflowers, birds, snakes, and mammals too! Below you’ll find a list of meadow resources including: videos, crafts, and articles.