Governor Whitmer visits the Grand River Greenway

by | Jul 6, 2021 | Grand River Greenway, Outdoor Recreation, Parks Department, Special Event

On Tuesday, July 6, Governor Gretchen Whitmer visited Connor Bayou County Park in Ottawa County to propose spending $150 million in federal relief money on locally owned parks and trails.

In a press release, Whitmer said, “Over the last five years, the average of development grant applications to the DNR for three primary grant programs – the Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund, Recreation Passport Grants and Land and Water Conservation Fund – has approached $40 million annually. Nearly $20 million of those annual requests could not be met because of lack of available funding.”

The new proposal is in addition to the $250 million that Whitmer proposed to spend on parks and trails that the state manages.

“As residents recognized during the pandemic when they flocked to our parks, natural spaces should not be considered a luxury, but a necessity for our wellbeing,” Jason Shamblin, director of Ottawa County Parks and Recreation, said in a press release. “The cost of acquiring natural spaces; designing, permitting, and building park infrastructure; and maintaining these facilities is consistently increasing.”

Watch the full press conference here

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