Ottawa Sand update Project recap (updated 6/26): In the fall of 2017, the current owner offered to sell the property based on an appraisal of $11.2 million and donate 25% of the land value to serve as match in a grant proposal for $8.4 million to the Michigan Natural Resources
A small parcel of land was purchased this spring in partnership with the Outdoor Discovery Center. This parcel is a critical link in the future greenway trail on the Macatawa River.
Updated: December 27, 2018; October 29, 2018; August 20, 2018;¬†August 3, 2018;¬†July 13, 2018 Coming soon: Ottawa Beach Marina Construction is expected to begin on the new Ottawa Beach Marina in mid-October, with plans to open spring 2019, but preparations have already begun for next season’s marina customers. The marina
Bend Area Expansion In December of 2016, Ottawa County Parks was awarded a Michigan Natural Resources Trust Fund grant to assist with the addition of 231 acres to the Bend Area. The grant will cover $729,000 of the $1,215,000 project, with the balance coming from the Parks Millage. Ottawa County
For a number of years, Ottawa County Parks has explored options to purchase an ecologically important property with over 6,000 feet of frontage on Stearns Bayou and Stearns Creek. This 117-acre property features exceptional floodplain and wetland areas with rare stands of wild rice, a state threatened species. It also