by | May 23, 2018 | Parks Department

Adopt-a-Park was launched in 2010 in partnership with the United Way of Greater Ottawa County. Since then, it has grown to 16 companies and schools caring for their favorite parks and making great progress!

Featured company: Tyson Foods

“Tyson Foods has been part of the Adopt-A-Park program since before the program even existed,” said Melanie Manion, the parks Natural Resources Management Supervisor. “Their work ethic and long-term dedication to caring for Pigeon Creek is unmatched. Each year we can count on 50 people or more giving it their all to ensure the health of Pigeon Creek’s natural features. Their employees are the primary reason Pigeon Creek’s biodiversity has not suffered from invasive species,” said Manion.

Travis Williams, an Environmental Manager at Tyson is proud of the commitment the company has to volunteerism. “It’s very important for Tyson to have volunteers giving their time in the community because it ties together those team members, the community in which they live, and the place where they work. Many team members live and work in the same county and it’s so important to show those members that Tyson not only supports them, but their community. West Michigan is full of beautiful parks and trails and it so wonderful to see Tyson team members volunteering before their shift, after their shift, or getting up early on a Saturday morning to pull garlic mustard. Those team members embody Tyson’s commitment to healthy communities, and we’re proud to of what they do every day at work and in their community,” said Williams.

In addition to being an active Adopt-a-Park company, Tyson Foods is also a lead sponsor of the Ottawa County Parks Foundation‘s Breakfast at the Park events. Although this financial support is appreciated, it is not a requirement to Adopt-a-Park.

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