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Update: November 2020

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Coffee with the Birds – LIVESTREAM!

Enjoy a hot cup of coffee and some baked goodies from the comfort and safety of your own home and watch birds at the Nature Center feeders LIVE on your computer with a naturalist as your viewing guide!

2/13/21 CwB Livestream Event

Event Schedule:

9:30 – 10:30 am – Coffee with the Birds – Feeder Watching & Discussion

10:30 – 10:55 am – Birding Tidbits:  Birding Story – Teacher of the Woods

10:55-11:00 am –  Door Prize Drawing for Mug Club Members

Pre-submitted birding topic questions, curiosities, sightings or stories will be shared and discussed and we’ll do our best to reply to live questions submitted to the video comments too!  Submit yours today by clicking this link!

CwB Questions, Sightings & Stories Submissions

PAST CwB Events – Click below to watch past livestreamed events

1/9/21 CwB Livestream Event

If you missed out, it’s not too late!  Whenever it’s convenient for you, feel free to click to watch & enjoy the birds at the feeders and hear different bird topics discussed!  Bird sighting highlights include (click time links to view) Red-bellied Woodpecker (4:08, 40:15), American Goldfinches (16:08), Dark-eyed Junco (19:40), Northern Cardinal (36:00), American Tree Sparrow (42:43).  Bird discussion topics included an update on this winter’s finch irruption (19:0521:10), Great Horned Owl (28:43) & Bald Eagle (1:11:32) activity, feeding suet to birds (32:59) a rare Smew in Allegan (51:00) and more!  The Tidbit presentation was on Snowy Owl Identification (53:49).

Click the embedded viewing window below on to watch the whole event, but you may like to skip to the official start 6:30 as we had some technical difficulties.

12/5/20 – Photo Contest, Mug Reveal, Local Bird Club Expo

If you haven’t watched the event yet, it’s not too late!  Highlights include (click time links to view) the photo contest & mug reveal (17:18), 3 species of woodpeckers (29:00 – 36:00), “Cassiar” Junco sighting (37:50 and 41:02) & Local Bird Club Expo videos (1:11:39).

Click the embedded viewing window below on to watch the whole event.

For a list of resources discussed at each CwB event, visit:


The event are hosted on the miOttawa YouTube channel.  Click the link to view the channel & subscribe.

A huge thanks to our Volunteer Sponsors, who make this event possible by handling all the tech work and equipment behind the scenes!

Kestrel Imagery:  Aerial Video and Photo Services

That Others May Know:  Capturing the Wisdom of Parents and Grandparents in Video Format.

www.kestrelimagery.com     www.thatothersmayknow.com

Mark your Calendars!

Here are the Upcoming CwB Livestream Dates & Tidbit Program Topics:

– February 13 – Birding Story:  Teacher of the Woods

– March 6 – Species Profile:  Tufted Titmouse

2021 Coffee with the Birds Mug Club Memberships Available!

Membership supports the CwB program and feeding the birds at the Nature Center.  Perks for members include…

  • Exclusive, limited edition mug with photo contest winner on it
  • 10 Hot Chocolate & Hot Cider packets for use at home
  • Event reminder magnet
  • Membership Card (to be used for future deals from sponsors)
  • Michigan Birds Checklist
  • Entry into a members-only door prize drawings for prizes including bird feeders and more!
  • Two Member-Only Bird Walks (Spring & Fall)
  • More perks may be coming in the future so stay tuned!

*These perks may evolve as our pandemic situation changes.  Hang in there! 


STEP 1:  Purchase your Mug Club Membership – $25

Click here to join the club!

Please note, you’ll be purchasing your membership through our online system. You must first create an account, if you have not done so already.  Once you log into your account, go under My Profile > Membership. Mug Club Membership will show there along with the 2021 motor vehicle permits.  You can also use this system to sign up for programs, reserve facilities, and purchase Parks annual vehicle permits. 

STEP 2:  Pick up your mug

Contact-free pickup will be available at the Nature Center at Hemlock Crossing Park on the dates listed below.   You can only pick up your mug at these designated dates/times and you must sign up for a time slot.


*We’ve added dates for Wednesday afternoons (12-2pm) and then on the weekend of 2/6 (10am-1pm) & 2/7 (1-4pm).

– January 27, 2021

– February 3, 2021

– February 6 or 7, 2021

Once your signed up, show up at your designated time and park in front of the Nature Center at Hemlock Crossing County Park.  Staff will bring your mug stuffed with goodies to you!

*In order to do ensure yourself a slot, please order your mug and sign up for a pickup time before 5pm on the Friday before the weekend of your pick up.  Thank you!  More pickup dates may be added in the future.

Step 3:  Support our Sponsors!

Due to COVID-19, we’ve had a more difficult time securing perks for Mug Club Members from our sponsors.  When we are able, we will update you on how you can participate with our sponsors in support of this program!

In the past, these fine sponsors have supported us.  Please support them during this difficult time for so many  businesses in our community.

Submit a Selfie CwB Mug Shot!

Show us how you relax, enjoy the birds and drink your coffee by submitting a selfie with your mug and bird feeders or at whatever location you venture to see birds!

Submit your “CwB Mug Shots” on…

Instagram (use #cwbMugShot and tag @ottawacountyparks)

Facebook (post to our page or send us a message)

or by email:  naturecenter@miottawa.org (put “CwB Mug Shot” in the subject line)

Please include your name, location and a comment about how you do “Coffee with the Birds” on your own!

We may share these photos in the future in emails or maybe at a CwB Livestream Event!

2020 Mug Club Photo Contest






2020 Photo Contest Winner!

Congratulations to Emily Tornga!  Her beautiful photo of a Tufted Titmouse in the lightly falling snow is this year’s photo contest winner!

Congratulations are also in order for Chris Sprik, Judi Manning, Martin Blanchard and Doug Kuiper who each eared an Honorable Mention award for their photos!

Thank you to everyone who entered the 2020 Photo Contest!  We received about 50 wonderful entries making the selecting this year’s winners difficult! Watch the video below to see a slide show of all the entries put to music.

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